Sunday, January 17, 2010

Book of Eli: Christian Propaganda

io9 has done an excellent job at exposing Book of Eli as an idiotic film to promote Christianity.

Meredith Woerner interviewed The Hughes Brothers about the film and Christianity. Here are some choice quotes:

It depends on what you believe. It could be about irrigation, if you want that kind of irrigation for your mind. Some people need to read to stimulate themselves. It could be that book or another book. That character [Eli] believes that he was told to take it somewhere. I can agree with the intent of that question, you know? But as a filmmaker, you have to believe in the story and that translation. If you're making Lord of The Rings, you have to believe in Middle Earth. If you are making Star Wars, you have to believe that there are spaceships up there going around in space, even though it's not reality. You have to believe in the mythology of that movie in order to do it.

Why is it important that people are holding that book in such high regard, or thinking that it should be spoken from, or told to others as opposed to building a church talking about irrigation? You can pose that question to anybody in any time period, post-apocalypse or now, about any religious text, or any text of any sort. "Oh, it's more important to survive. We need food. So why not build churches about survival and food?"

I'm not trying to be vague. It depends on who the person is and what their want is. Let's say they found water. Then what? They may need to feed their soul, and then what?

Using that book — one of the biggest selling books of all times one of the greatest influences of other literature of all times as well — it just made it that much more impactful and powerful.

It's about accepting the common human spiritual condition. And let's not split hairs over who God is or what God is, we're all going to assume coming in, even non-believers, that there's something going on.

io9 also compared Book of Eli to a very similar film, Zardoz.
Book of Eli manages to follow the basic plot of Zardoz, while completely draining away all the meaning and coherence of the original.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So is star wars propaganda for Hinduism? The questions by the interviewer don't make sense...would you die or kill for a book on irrigation? Religious or not you can see where a voice from with in telling Eli to take a book on Survival skills to the west would be...silly. What voice? Bear Grills? I assume you wouldn't want a god to tell him. I didn’t think this film was a Christian film, but to say it could be another book other than the Bible, Torah or Koran is silly. Alcatraz had all other major literature except the Bible, so Communist Manifesto and the Plato’s republic survived, and society was still missing something.

9:30 AM  
Blogger shane said...

Give me a break.
The ONLY way the film makes any sense is if the Christian God is real and looking after dude.
It was written for retards.

6:21 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

Why do you have to believe in God to enjoy a movie with God as a central plot point?
Many movies about out past have Christianity at its core and those aren't considered "Christian Propaganda."

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well. Propaganda or commercial. All the same to me. And this is definently a commercial for christianity.

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Zach said...

What a stupid statement. A movie that involves the Bible is propaganda? You're just an idiot who hates religion. You wouldn't even mention propaganda had they replaced the Bible with some book that doesn't exist.

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Jesus wasn't a Christfag said...

The point is:
Any movie that has any connection to a good christian as a central plot IS propaganda, this one included.
Have you ever seen a movie who goes about a good atheist being the protagonist? NO
The Americunts hate everything that is not christfag like them, even stating that the USA or America, as they call it(Geography FAIL), is the only country were the REAL christfags are, the rest of the world is a sinful place full heathens, satan worshipers.
Hollyweed does a movie about religion only if it's christian propaganda, the rest are independent movies.

11:36 AM  

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