Saturday, November 21, 2009

Occupy! Update

After I composed the entry below, I went to dinner. By the time I returned, it seemed like the situation in Berkeley had changed for the worse.

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Wheeler Hall occupation news from two hours ago via Chris: Police turned off campus wireless.

From Geo: "Berkeley PD just smashed a grad students finger into bits. Her hand was just resting on a barricade. Reconstructive surgery. The police response has been insane."

UC Berkeley PD train other UC PD's. From "pain compliance techniques" (torture) to "psychological policing" (intimidation techniques etc). They are to be taken seriously but in the end, they are Paper Tigers!

he mainstream news is totaly fucking up by not showing this at top stories...i thought the news was on our side?

all students inside (41) have now been arrested. people outside are attempting to stop the police from removing them from campus

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Student protest/struggle is a sea of liberalism and pressure relief. Turn it into a world of radicalism!


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