Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Links: Lazy Blogging

-CNN did a report on the rise/return of militias
(Militias are so 90's. What is the tipping point that will put such militias into action?)

-15 Dumbest Superhero retcons in comics.
(I don't think I can ever accept the Wolverine/Lupine shit.)

-The View <3's>
(Why are such views accepted from what is supposed to be the voice of American women?!)

-Take Back The Horns

-More People Are Stealing
"Though most thieves rationalize their acts, the current situation has many people feeling the entire system is broken, that politicians are too corrupt or inept to fix it, and that there's nothing wrong with stealing from these big companies and fancy stores that — the thinking goes — are themselves making out like thieves,"

-Radical lawyer Lynne Stewart has been ordered to prepare herself to surrender and enter prison.
What happens if the defense lawyers themselves face prison for representing government-targeted clients?

-What if we did as much to prevent rape as we do to prevent swine flu?
...the federal government urging colleges to stop the epidemic of rape by developing protocols for quarantining students who have tried to use drugs or alcohol to incapacitate women who would otherwise not consent to sex. Or university officials directing students to stay off campus or out of public areas until they are free of the belief that they are entitled to sex any time they want...


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