Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Right

I am always torn on how much I should even report on the rightwing and all their bullshit. I think it is crucial that we are aware of their action and influence. However, I also strongly believe we can't get weighed down focusing on them and our efforts would be better spent toward positive radical/revolutionary change. So while we are destroying this system and building a new tomorrow, let us also realize what we are up against.

Rush Limbaugh might have the loudest megaphone but...
Glenn Beck is the rabid dog of rightwing extremism.
He continues to hype up rightwing militias and is producing a culture that will result in violence.
(Search 'Glenn Beck' just to sample what a fuckin' nut he is! I love him crying in front of the US Constitution.)

Sometimes it is hard to attack and dissect these rightwing windbags while not entirely defending the Obama administration.

It blows my mind how the fear and insane paranoia of the rightwing media is so baseless. They did nothing but act as cheerleaders as Bush helped actually eliminate civil rights. These douchebags also have no idea the attacks the real revolutionaries and their allies suffer, nor do they care. Theirs is a pretend totalitarianism. We feel the blunt force of it actualized.

Media Matters
Crooks and Liars


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