Saturday, February 21, 2009

RIP, Tofu Yu

I am writing about a death… a death of a restaurant/café.
Tofu Yu on the Berkeley/Emeryville border closed its doors. I assume it was due to poor business. This is totally unfortunate for a number of reasons. It was near my work, they had good tofu and nice Panini, and the staff was always super friendly and even espoused anti-Zionist views.
I don't know if Tofu Yu will continue to exist as a tofu producing company but I will sure miss them.

PLEASE NOTE: All Tofu Yu locations might have closed. Please let me know if the other location(s) are open.

On a related subject, word is that Pizza Plaza is having a very tough go of it.
I would love to see this veg/vegan pizza joint stay open. If you stop in and order some pizza perhaps you could let them know that they would gain some customers back if they upgraded the quality of their pizzas which took a serious dive at some point.


Blogger Pranjal said...

I saw the guy who worked at Tofu Yu recently (his family owns the business). He said it was just too expensive to keep the delis open. I believe all the locations are closed. They're going to concentrate on the tofu production side of their business, which remains open and doing pretty well, I think.

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