Saturday, February 07, 2009

Life's Blood Cop

Life's Blood areĀ one of my favorite late 80's punk bands. I think their appeal has to do with being future members of Born Against, coming out of the NYHC scene right before (or as) it was overrun with clones, and, of course, great tunes. (I also think Life's Blood is one of the best band names ever.)

I just came across a recent interview with former Life's Blood singer, Jason O'Toole on True Punk & Metal blog. He is a fucking cop!!!
What a bummer. He seems like an average duochebag now but the interview is interesting.

Jason circa 1988

Jason circa now

He is even thinking of playing shows that might involve some sort of Life's Blood reunion. Oh I fuckin' hope not!


Blogger frank as fuck said...

"-Were Life's Blood straightedge?

-I can't speak for everyone else, but I was all about straightedge at the time. Unless you're going to count the one beer or glass of wine I have infrequently, I still am."

hahaha - i think we'll count that, officer.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Jason O'Toole said...

Who the hell do you think catches serial rapists and child molesters? PETA? Amy from Nausea? No, I fucking do...someone has to care enough to do the shitwork, and I guess that's me since all of you have cushy computer tech jobs, yet you pretend to be counter-culture. How pathetic.

And if you haven't killed someone, beat your wife into a coma, or robbed a bank, then you probably won't attract my attention as a warrants deputy - and you can call me a douchebag all you want, pretend to be an anarchist, and cling to a music scene you probably came into years after it was established.

You're nothing to me, or anyone who was anybody in the "scene" - so get another hobby. Because that's all it is to people like you.

6:26 PM  

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