Saturday, February 14, 2009

Becks Is Back

Major League Soccer & LA Galaxy are insisting Beckham will return from Loan with AC Milan by 9 March. AC Milan would not give the $10+million that LA was asking for as of the MLS enforced deadline for negotiations.

This is an illustration of how naive MLS is and how little they actually understand football!
You cannot bring back a player that has clearly stated he does NOT want to play on your club/league. An unhappy player is not a good player (and face it- Beckham wasn't that good for LA the entire time he played with them)
Beckham's marketing force is no more. MLS's retarded deadline is so that they can prep marketing tools for MLS that either feature Golden Balls or do not. Sorry MLS, that ship has sailed. No one cares about Beckham anymore outside of football fans and we are only going to show up to hail him with boos.
Capello has been clear that Beckham will only continue to be chosen for the England squad if he stays fit IN EUROPE. As it is obviously Beckham's primary goal to make cameo appearances in games until he has surpassed Peter Shilton's 125 caps. Beckham has proved so determined to achieve this that I cannot believe he would allow the AC Milan deal to go through... And this might be the only loophole. The deadline isn't FIFA enacted. It is only MLS trying to play with the big boys, so room for negotiation is still possible. Unless AC Milan don't really want Beckham, I can see Beckham and his management paying whatever it takes to keep him in Italy and solidify his England legacy.

If Beckham does take the pitch for LA Galaxy next season, I can't wait for his return to San Jose (do you even think LA Galaxy games will continue to be played in larger venues?).

Are Pierre et Gilles working for MLS?


Blogger shanedanger said...

a ha...

What actually has hurt Beckham in this process is his own opt-out clause, which would allow him to leave after the 2009 MLS campaign.
Milan would have been quicker to put up serious transfer money but instead bargained on the Galaxy being determined to cash in before they lose Beckham for nothing in nine months.

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