Monday, January 19, 2009

Gaza Review

Israel declared a unilateral ceasefire (actually creating a permanent state of war in which Israel will not have to even pretend to adhere to any sort of terms) and is withdrawing troops. I have tried to create a bullet-point list of items noteworthy.

-1300 dead Palestinians, plus another 5400 wounded, with well over half of the total being accounted for by civilians

-USA is growing tired of Israel's mad dog routine, which threatens US hegemony in the region by alienating Arab allies and threatening others with domestic political upheaval because of Israel's penchant for killing Arab civilians.

-There MUST be an international boycott/divestment campaign against Israel!

(thank you Lenin's Tomb)

I am highly critical of anarchists who not only refuse to support the Palestinians but refuse to even deal with this struggle calling it simply a fight between two states or statist authorities.

There is no such thing as neutral. It is our government that is funding Israel's wars and no matter how much you don't want to recognize the USA's authority over you, we pay for it and we unjustly benefit from it. So, any silence or inaction is simply condoning the status quo.

If you truly believe in the Palestinian people's right to self-determination, you would support it. One does not have to erase their criticism of a group such as Hamas to support the survival of Palestine! If you pay lip service to people's liberation and then withhold support until it looks exactly how you would like it to, you are no different than the rest of the White "First World" who thinks they know what is best for the lowly masses.

I will pick a side. I will always side with the oppressed.


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