Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Anarchy #65

Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed is pretty much what it sounds like; a journal regarding anarchy.

Some of the parties involved with the journal, I have a decent amount of respect for. However, the journal seems to be ridden with armchair critiques intent on splintering the feeble excuse for resistance that exists in the USA or in anarchist circles period. As if attaining a pure and solid ideology (and, of course, those post-Leftists would reject the term) is prerequisite to any praxis.

This entry is NOT intended to be a full critique of Anarchy or anarchy. This entry is to address an editorial featured in Anarchy #65. I have not read the editorial but based on Anarchy's own synopsis, it is obvious that this journal sits comfortably in their privilege:

Anti-Imperialism: Yet Another Statist Ideology" by Lawrence Jarach

No anarchist would be in favor of imperialism (or sexism, or racism, or fascism) of course, but declaring oneself to be an Anti-Imperialist still means one of two things (and perhaps an overlap of the two). On the one hand it is an empty and passive opinion, requiring no particular strategy or action, and needing no explanation. On the other hand, it doesn’t just mean that one is against imperialism; it specifies a particular way to fight against imperialism—that is Anti-Imperialism. It still means taking sides in disputes between parties vying for government control (either trying to keep it or trying to overthrow it).

"It still means taking sides in disputes"

Of course it does! Any true radical (especially in imperialist USA) sees how crucial it is to 'take sides' in disputes over resources that we benefit from. It is our obligation to aid those fighting against empire. It is not our role to dictate as some great White burden the manner in which these parties struggle against empire.

Your semantics on the politics of true struggle mean nothing to those who are struggling. Continue spoiling any (White) anarchy movement(s) in your libraries, book clubs, and potlucks.


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