Thursday, July 01, 2010

Fanning Flames & Sharpening Contradictions

The City of Oakland recites their pre-riot talking points with the accuracy of The Republican Party- never straying from the designated phrases that stink of the language used by powers in the shadows.

“We understand that the community is grieving, and we are in this together,” Mr. Dellums and Chief Batts said on the city’s Web site The Web site includes a list of “places to cool off and express yourself in positive ways.” Just make sure these "places to cool off" are out of earshot and out of sight of the powers that be.

“Beware of ‘outside agitators’ who are not from Oakland and who will try to incite violence,” reads a message on the city’s Web site. “Oakland is our home, it’s not theirs.”

C'mon chill out man. Can't we all just get along.

Where do all these outside agitators come from? Are they the same "outside agitators" that struggled against racial segregation? Tell these outside agitators where and when it is ok to agitate against pigs killing people and how exactly they are to do so.

This event is serving to sharpen contradictions. Every generation goes through it. Can you not see that collaboration with the state is only securing you poverty pimps with a seat at the table where the people wish to stand?


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