Thursday, April 08, 2010

Link Roundup

- The cabal of pedophiles known as The Catholic Church continue to blame all sorts for people hating on their love of raping children.

-Lilith Fair are punking out to anti-abortion fuckers.

- Leading up to the Rwandan genocide, Tutsi's broadcast a lot of vitriolic hatred. What is someone broadcast that type of incitement on a major American network? Well, in a comparison, Glenn Beck already does.

- Some maniac attacked a dog because he claims it was racist. Sounds like Son of Sam to me.

- Google vs. China is being hyped up as the private company standing up to totalitarianism... but it isn't.
Google cooperates with governments such as Hong Kong and India with censorship. (And in China, anyone can use which is not censored by the government.)

- A former New Orleans police officer told federal authorities he saw a fellow officer shoot and kick unarmed, wounded civilians in a deadly incident on a bridge in Hurricane Katrina's aftermath.


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