Thursday, April 01, 2010

Don't Believe The Hype

A post was made on Anarchist News Dot Org calling for anarchists to "crash" Tea Party April 15th Protests. The post seemed out of place on Anarchist News and was largely derided as liberal and naive.

Clueless rightwingers found out about this and declared "Anarchists plan war on April 15th Tea Parties"

This spawned a lot of paranoid threats directed generally at anarchists.
"You won't have the numbers you like to help yourself feel anonymous. And some of us DO legally carry concealed weapons to protect our rights. MAKE MY DAY, PUNK!"

Rightwing blog, The Resistance, is also calling for Tea Partiers to be on the lookout for anyone who doesn't look like they belong and to film them.

For Fun, check out the comments on Fox News coverage of the "violent anarchists".
I thought these Tea Party folks didn't want any intrusive government. haha


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