Sunday, March 28, 2010

Joel Dow demonstrates how to treat police

Unfortunately, Joel didn't escape the clutches of the pigs.

He was arrested and charged with:
ASSAULT II (B Felony) $250,000 Unsentenced
ASSAULT POLICE OFF (C Felony) $5,000 Unsentenced
RECK ENDANGER (A Misdemeanor) $2,500 Unsentenced
DISORDERLY COND 2 (B Misdemeanor) $1,500 Unsentenced

They need bail money fast, which you can donate via paypal:

If you want to write Joel, his jail address is:
Multnomah County Inverness Jail
C/O Dow, Joel D.
SWIS ID: 745437
11540 NE Inverness Drive
Portland OR

Joel is a vegan and IS NOT receiving vegan meals. CALL THE JAIL and let them know we're watching 503 988 5060!


Anonymous tyc said...

There are many people way more deserving of being sent bail money. I can name about 10 right now that need to get out and continue to provide for their families. Joel Dow ain't one of them

I don't feel sorry for someone that actively puts themselves in that situation. Many people that are caught up don't actively seek out those situations and get MUCH worse then riot gear/rubber bullets/tear gas...etc. Pretty sure Leonard Renfro would have much preferred rubber bullets and gas to a real bullet and a grave.

I guess it just irritates me to no end when something like this happens a bunch of people get together smash shit and get met with riot gear and cry about being arrested and want bail money yadda yadda yadda...but that tempter tantrum doesn't stop ol' boy from getting hemmed up on 98th n Birch and it certainly doesn't stop my brothers from getting harassed. they still get the bad end of the stick and some anarchist who would never be in his situation gets a little jail time but more than likely probation.

It's like when BASH BACK from the comfort of their college campus in the midwest unrolled a "solidarity with lovelle" banner. How about you get from behind your banner and put actions behind your words? How about you anarchist get out and police the police in deep east oakland instead of waiting for an event where you can start a tantrum.

I don't see a genuine concern about how police treats my community until after the fact and to me that seems fake as fuck.

1:24 PM  

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