Friday, December 11, 2009

Increasing Zionism in IDF

We hear a lot about the need to fight religious extremism. What if the US's motives were to defend a nation based on racism and religious purity? What if this ally nation was in danger of its armed forces turning even more fundamentalist and extreme?
(And no, I ain't talking about Pakistan.)

The Zionist Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is undergoing radical changes in favour of a religion-infused ideology that is increasingly putting it at odds with the Israeli establishment.

-The IDF army chief Rabbi quoted a near-millennial religious commentary to conclude that soldiers who show mercy to the enemy will be ‘damned’.
-Orthodox soldiers in active duty displayed banners calling for disobeying orders.
-Rightwing Rabbis offer financial support to soldiers advocating refusal to carry orders.
-Israel allows special religious schools to cooperate with the army to integrate military service with their Torah curriculum.

These Zionists want a religious war that the USA has seemingly been willing to help foster and pay for.


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