Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Link Roundup

-Here is a map of the "Whitening" of lame ass TV show Heroes.
You can look at it to see how they cut out the color or just laugh at how many characters they wrote in/out.

-"plastic, we see it as being against nature but it's come out of nature. We didn't create plastic, nature created plastic."
Damon Albarn is an idiot.

-USDA listed PETA as a terrorist threat.
If PETA gets on the terrorist list, anyone who ever donated money to PETA can be charged with aiding terrorism. OF course, it is all just the government's attempt to limit the scope of struggle.

- Where is the American working class?
I grew up always being told that unions were bad and never helped workers. This helps explain that odd way of thinking.

- Hawkeye's Avengers costume will be "modern"
"It's going to be a guy in sunglasses and a vest." Oh wonderful.

- Global cities – global gangs
States are outdated. Gangs are global. So shall resistance be!

- Call for Celtic fans to wave Palestinian flags
I want photos from this match!
States are outdated. "Gangs" are global. So shall be resistance!

- Power To The People??
Global Guerrilla's John Robb lays out what an anti-statist pro-business model would look like. (Ayn Rand would wet her panties.)


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