Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks giving/taking

Thanksgiving always has two inseparable components to me.
With the holiday's history and traditions, it is intrinsically linked to TAKING: genocide, racism, imperialism, waste, consumption, subjegation, and the deaths of turkeys (as well as pigs and countless other animals).
As the name can and should reference, it is also about GIVING thanks to all the wonderful things in our lives.

It is crucial for all of us to create new traditions with family and friends. Move forward with positive alternatives to the dead past.
We also cannot forget that history. So many of our privileges stand on top of the aforementioned taking. Do not forget the indigenous people of North America or the nightmare of Manifest Destiny. Don't fall for the comfort of consumption.

Celebrate all that you are thankful for with those who you are thankful for. Celebrate family however you define it.

A tradition of ours is Farm Sanctuary's annual Celebration For The Turkeys.
There is no substitute for witnessing the individual character of friendly cows, and goats firsthand. It is so special to hand feed a hungry turkey whose breathing is odd from a beak cut off by agribusiness.


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