Thursday, November 26, 2009

Power of Occupations

George Ciccariello-Maher wrote an extensive and very insightful article on the recent UC occupations for CounterPunch.

What we are up against is the privatization of public education. It is being disguised by the state and UC Regents as crisis-imposed budget cuts (which is completely untrue).

“get ready for the beatdown.”
UC Berkeley has a militarized atmosphere and students are being vindictively attacked and charged by not only UC Police but also Oakland PD.

The real allies of the Regents, police, and the privatization of the University have shown themselves to be the liberal opportunists / wanna-be politicians among the student body.
George Lakoff was heard lying repeatedly to the occupiers, insisting that there had been no police violence, no rubber bullets, and no injuries outside the building, all in an effort to manipulate those inside into abandoning the occupation.
Cinthia Flores at UCLA is another junior politician bent on control over justice.
These supposed "mediators", in focusing their attention on calming crowds outside and encouraging the occupiers to leave, have effectively performed a “policing function” that protected the administration from the protesters. They do the job of the state.

Occupation takes power and immediately destroys its concentrated form. Beware of bureaucrats, occupy everything!


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