Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Links: What's up?

-Rupert Murdoch is at war with the internet.
He thinks people are still going to pay for news.

-Crippled Youth Reunion!
Yep, another reunion and this one is the proto-Youth Of Today gang... it is 21+.

-FIFA is turning a blind eye to MLS fucking over the players.
Don Garber is a douchebag and trying to frame the argument as if we should feel sorry for the owners and not for the pitifully paid players.

-Anarchist Andy Hurley is part of a new douche-metal band with Scott Ian.
I thought Scott Ian only did VH1 shows.

-Salinas, CA has brought in the U.S. military to apply counter-insurgency techniques against gangs.

-Delicious hummus brand, Sabra, is down with the Zionist IDF. Boycott them fuckers!
Victoria's Secret is also made with cotton from stolen Palestinian land!


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