Sunday, October 04, 2009

Use Twitter: Get Busted!

FBI anti-terrorism agents raided the Queens home of anarchist, Elliot Madison, charged with tweeting protesters with instructions on how to evade police at the G-20 summit.

41yr old Madison had been charged with hindering prosecution, criminal use of a communication facility and possessing criminal instruments... Which means he did NOT carry out any illegal street actions. He used computers to give information to potential protestors.

I love how all media accounts call Madison a "self described anarchist" as if it wasn't a legit political label/ideology.
I love how the Feds "seized" anarchist literature from Madison's home. Wow, it must be dangerous stuff.
So, do you think Fox News was arrested and had computers seized for directing Tea Bagger protestors?


In other arrest news:

Environmental activist, Stephen James Murphy age 43, has been arrested in connection with the 2006 attempted arson of homes under construction in Pasadena, California. The government says the action is connected to the Earth Liberation Front.
Prosecutors don’t have money for DNA testing in death penalty cases. But they can do it for a tractor.


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