Sunday, October 04, 2009

I Hope The Serve Beer In Hell FAIL

The film adaptation of rape fiction writer Tucker Max was released and appears to be failing critically and financially.

Max is a douchebag who refuses to accept any responsibility for the culture he produces.
Max’s stories succeed on orchestrating sexual conquests that are increasingly outrageous, drunk, dubiously legal, painful, objectifying, and embarrassing to his sex partners. In order to continue to one-up himself, Max intentionally pushes the line of consent—getting drunker, getting her drunker, leaving his sex partners to fend for themselves—naked—on the street, hiding his friend with an undisclosed video camera in his closet while they’re doing it.

Max's message to women protesting his work regarding consent/rape:
"Dude, I mean, the discussion about where consent lies and doesn’t lie is an important one, and should be had, but this is not the fucking forum. And, uh, and that’s never been an issue for me, so, I don’t know man, I feel like if that’s an issue to you, that’s great, and you should pursue it, but pursue it with the people who it needs to be pursued with. And not with me.”

Other Tucker Max gems:
“Your gender is hardwired for whoredom.”
“Fat girls aren’t real people.”
“Get away from me or I’m going to carve a fuck hole in your torso.”
“Rape’s not funny, but murder can be.”

Check out his oh-so-clever use of racism as well.

(thanx Mel)


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