Thursday, October 01, 2009

Beauty Bar: Dump Rockstar

I went to The Beauty Bar in SF the other night. I had an amazing time! (Big ups to DJ Mod Dave and, of course, Vanessa!)
The only "energy drink" the joint serves is Rockstar. Unfortunately Rockstar is made by fascists.

CEO Russell Weiner is Michael Savage's son. Janet Weiner (former CFO) is Michael Savage's wife.
Russell Weiner founded the Paul Revere Society with his father.
The goals of the organization are 1) deportation of all illegal immigrants and closing of the borders, 2) eliminating bilingual education, 3) ending affirmative action and 4) support for 'traditional' marriage.

Tell The Beauty Bar to dump Rockstar.


Anonymous dan h said...

I can never think of what to order at a bar. I gotta look cool somehow! I never thought of ordering a Rockstar. I forgot about the Michael Weiner Rockstar connection

5:21 PM  

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