Thursday, October 01, 2009

Animal Rights Protesters Face Higher Sentences

-Burning at a cross at the home of an African-American man, close to his home, while his family is inside: 3.5 years.
-Threatening president-elect Obama with statements including, “I’m going to assassinate the new president of the United States of America. PS you have 48 hours to stop it from happening”: four years probation.
-Setting fire to a hotel with people inside: 1 year.
-Police officer rapes a girl in juvenile custody: 8 months.
-Assaulting black men on election night because Obama was elected president: about 5 years.
-Enron exec guilty of $7 million in wire fraud and securities fraud: 16 months.
-Possessing child pornography: 4 years.
-Tying up a black student and taunting him with racial epithets as part of a high school graduation party: six months.
-Mailing anthrax threats to the IRS: one year.
-“Using the Internet to threaten to destroy buildings of the Federal Bureau of Investigation by fire or explosives”: one year.
-Threatening to bomb an Air Force base: one year.
-Drunken man drives over his brother during an argument: 1.5 years.
-Scheming to defraud an insurance company through arson: 2 years.
-Mailing anthrax threats to an assistant U.S. attorney: up to 5 years.
-Manufacturing and selling home-made explosive devices: 5 years probation
-Dumping nearly 13 million gallons of untreated liquid waste: 15 months.
-Threatening to bomb the Oklahoma city federal building: up to 5 years.
-Setting a dog on fire and burning 50 percent of his body: 45 days.

-Setting fire to empty buildings and taking precautions to not harm anyone: nearly 22 years in prison

Four animal rights activists are facing charges under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act for chanting, demonstrating with masks covering their faces, and chalking defamatory slogans on the sidewalk. If convicted, the “AETA 4,”—Joseph Buddenburg, Maryam Khajavi, Nathan Pope, and Adriana Stumpo—could be sentenced to 5-10 years in prison.

(lifted from Green Is The New Red)


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