Friday, September 18, 2009

Oprah + Jay-Z = suck

Oprah iterviewed Jay-Z for her magazine. (The only magazine that would include a Jay-Z interview and NOT put him on the cover!) It is an awful interview mainly consisting of Oprah desperately attempting to enforce her narrative. Every time she tells Hov how similar their life stories are, it is followed by her expressing shock at how she cannot relate to his tale.

Oprah's role is to enforce her narrative, that of the bootstrap American dream, wherever and whenever possible. She is as popular as she is with her audience because she reinforces the myth of meritocracy and hard work.

The worst part:

Jay-Z: I believe in karma: What you do to others comes back to you.

Oprah: But don't you think we're responsible only for what we know? Otherwise, you'd be facing karma for every person you sold drugs to.

OK, so Hova is taking (karmic) responsibility for the ills he caused. He gets reprimanded by Oprah who insists that if, somehow, we are oblivious to the consequences of our actions, we bear no responsibility for them?!?!?!?!?!
The very nature of sustaining cognitive dissonance.

I guess Oprah is now going to allow rappers on her show. Jay-Z is gonna be on to talk about shit everyone already knows except 50 yr old White women.

I watched Jay-Z's 9/11 concert several times. It sucks that he thinks it is mature to love cops but that was one seriously bangin' concert! It made me proud of where hip hop has come as a live performance. (Those were dark days when a hip hop performance consisted of 10 dudes onstage yelling into 6 mic's.) Kanye West almost stole the show (no clepto).

I think it also says something when a rapper can blast an Oasis song from the 90's and have his entire audience know the words:

Jay-Z | Jockin' Jay-Z / Wonderwall | Roundhouse 17.09.09 from Roy Thomas on Vimeo.


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