Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Is Not Socialism

Sorry folks. This is not socialism. This is not a slippery slope towards socialism. This isn't the road to socialism. This isn't even liberal social democracy!

Don't be fooled!
The Right do not understand socialism and have no desire to.

Billions of dollars of public wealth are being transferred to private corporations. Socialism? Uh... no.

The problem is that an outlook that has been so marginalized in this country now leaves the country grasping at anything to prop up and call socialism. And why does the right need to bring in socialism out from the cold? It is not due to radical political progress (they tend to ignore that). It is only because the fascist fanatical right needs a real life boogeyman.
We will not be your boogeyman!

It is NOT in the interest of socialism or radical struggle for so-called Socialists to begin appearing in the news.
Remember, don't talk to strangers.


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