Saturday, August 07, 2010

Bay Area Action Assembly of Anarchists and Comrades

Aug. 8 2010
AK Press Warehouse
674-A 23rd. (between MLK and San Pablo)
Oakland, CA

After the second round of Oscar Grant Rebellions in the streets of Oakland on July 8 some atrocious events unfolded that made our recently powerful movement against the police feel weaker than ever.

July 9th, 15-year-old Traveon Avila, unarmed, was the THIRD person murdered by ONE police officer in Bakersfield, CA
July 14th, Verna Lisa Hollins, a gun shot victim, was left with no medical attention while the San Jose police “secured the crime scene.” She was dead by the time the paramedics came half an hour later.
July 17th, Fred Collins was shot to death in a hail of 50 bullets fired by Oakland and Bart Police just blocks away from Oscar Grant's murder
July 21st, Youtube video shows San Francisco Police knock out woman with baby. She's unconscious through the duration of the video. Police have not released her name, well-being, or whether there were charges filed against her
July 22nd, 16-year-old James Rivera, also unarmed, was murdered by Stockton, CA police

Anarchists must not be content with one night of riots, as that alone does nothing to put a stop to the police's war on the oppressed. Our lack of action in the wake of the police's newest bout of complete disrespect for human life reveals nothing but our complacency. The Bay Area has the largest population of anarchists in the nation, therefore it is incumbent upon us to develop praxis on how we can both be in solidarity with those most negatively impacted by the police and judicial system and how we can be agents in strengthening the anti-police movement.

You are hereby invited to participate in an experiment in anarchist organizing. Without the presence of an agenda or an expectation to make decisions as an assembly, we hope a wide array of ideas are toyed with, given room to breathe, taken into consideration, and ultimately solidified into actions outside of the assembly.

This is a space for us to determine our capacities to act in terms of innovation, resources, and confidence, but also a space to increase those capacities. The goal is not to produce a united front of anarchist analysis or tactics, but instead to produce a multitude of anarchist analysis and tactics. Respectful debate is highly encouraged. As long as we maintain solidarity with one another against our common enemies, the presence of internal conflicts could be just the substance necessary for us to truly become a movement.

It is not a requirement for participants to identify as anarchists, but is expected that everyone present respect the tone and direction of the assembly to be one that is in opposition to the state, capital, and the police, and a space for self evaluation and inspiration for those who wish to take action in an anarchistic fashion. This assembly will be much more about verbs than adjectives. We should all feel accountable to one another to come together to share thoughtful analysis, critique, inspiration, and especially ideas to move forward in ways that build solidarity and make us all more free from the police.

Although any actions that come out of this assembly will be on people's own initiative – whether they do so alone, through small affinity groups, or in more formal meetings – we should all feel compelled to make a mark on the world we inhabit and not passively let history pass us by!


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