Thursday, August 05, 2010

Hip Hop History

The Berrics have THE WORST website I have maybe ever been to. It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to navigate and they must still not be hip to the fact that if we can't link to and/or share their content, it ain't going nowhere. Anyway...
The Berrics hosts Hip Hop History with Dante Ross. First they had a series of vids with Dante just schoolin' on East Coast hip hop from the 80's. Of which, he was a part of. Now they got Hip Hop History with Dante Ross and DJ Muggs and it covers all OG Los Angeles shit.
Really! Do yourself a fuckin' favor and watch every single one of these videos. Make sure you got a pad and pencil to take notes too because so many gems are dropped.

I could go on and on and on and on about things D Ross and Muggs say and how much I relate to some of it but you just gotta watch these vids.

Because The Berrics wants to make shit difficult, all I can do is provide you with a link to video #1 of 6 with Dante and Muggs


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