Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oakland: Sue the Anarchists!.. ?

Oakland's city attorney is considering suing dozens of people he calls "outside agitators."

"Some of the vandals are with a group calling themselves anarchists."

Police are still going hard on this "75 percent of the arrests from Thursday night's demonstrations are people from outside Oakland".
They describe anarchists as "black-clad demonstrators who cover their faces and stay together in a tight cluster. They are responsible for violence at major demonstrations around the world."

City attorney John Russo is looking into ways to prevent anarchists from coming into Oakland at all.
"I would defy anyone to explain to me how it furthers the cause of justice for a bunch of Anglos from out of town to come into Oakland and trash a town that is a majority of people of color," says Russo.

Pure comedy.
This is City of Oakland's feeble attempt to divide and conquer the people of Oakland. What are they planning to do? Set up Oakland border patrols and exclude people entrance based on political lines they have clearly shown they don't even understand?
Pig Russo and City of Oakland are continuing a racialized definition of anarchy and Oakland in order to prevent any further symbiosis in future insurrections. I am confident that The City is baiting White anarchists to turn on Black youth by pointing the finger at them.

Give it up.
Anarchy IS Oakland.


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