Sunday, July 25, 2010

Glenn Beck Influenced Cop Shoot Out

Byron Williams, the suspect in an Oakland police shootout, was on his was to kill members of the ACLU and Tides Foundation. Why? Because he was fed up with the "left wing agenda."

It always amazes me how these idiot rightwingers demonize the ACLU. It is the epitome of astroturf politics. The rich rightwinger fascists don't like being called out on contradicting the US constitution or actually having to live up to words like 'equality' (especially when it hits their bank accounts), so they make up some nonsense story about how the ACLU are taking away people's rights and trying to force a specific way of life down American's throats. (A way of life that, I guess, includes legality and equality under that law.) Nonetheless when you have the money and media on your side, people believe it.

Williams' other target, Tides Foundation, isn't as widely known. As a matter of fact, most people not working with Tides Foundation would probably only be aware of them because they are a favorite target of Glenn Beck's paranoia. Tides is a group that relies on philanthropy to help create progressive social change. Of course, according to Beck, they are part of some vast complicated cabal that have infiltrated the government and are turning us into a socialist dictatorship. I will spare you the convoluted details but Gawker gives a good rundown HERE.

So I ask- Where is the liberal outrage that this shooter was obviously influenced by Glenn Beck's hysterics?!


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