Sunday, July 18, 2010

CalGuns Gets Over on Anti-Gun Forces

Popular online gun forum, CalGuns, suspected that anti-gun force, Legal Community Against Violence, was monitoring their forums. So CalGunnerss pretended to organize a potentially rowdy protest at LCAV's annual fundraising dinner in San Francisco.

LCAV were listening in and took CalGuns seriously. They even mobilized SFPD. However, no one showed and CalGuns revealed that LCAV had been had.

As much fun as it would have been to organize a great big ruckus, it was much more fun watching them scramble about in fear that the gun nuts were going to heap insult upon the injury of McDonald at their pyrrhic victory dinner.

And we didn’t have to expend an ounce of energy.

What was the point?

Well, we learned a bunch.

1) That past actions have convinced them to take us seriously. Calgunner attendance at City Council meetings, legislative hearings and court cases has demonstrated that we’re able to mobilize a motivated group of activists on short notice. We’ve proven to them that we show up. We’ve shown that we’re effective, too. Emeryville’s revision of their proposed ammunition ordinance proved that.

2) That they’re paying attention to us. We long suspected that LCAV was monitoring our communications. It’s one of the reasons that CGF boardmembers are circumspect when discussing legal strategies. So, please be patient when folks are using cryptic language to discuss options for regaining our rights.

3) That now they don’t know when we’re bluffing. We’ve spoofed them twice so far. Who knows what other kinds of wild goose chases we can send them on? It will be fun to learn.

4) That they’re afraid of us. Despite my assertions (and requirements) that this “action” not allow any physical contact, trespassing, etc., LCAV felt it necessary to mobilize the police and additional security.

5) That they’re irrational. In every interaction that we’ve had with the antis, we’ve been polite. We’ve been well dressed, well spoken, chivalrous and respectful. We’ve been met with profanities, threats and incivility. I wouldn’t be surprised if local officials are starting to take notice the difference in style.

What a great tactic. It would be fun to employ this and redirect other forces and expend their energy/resources if we knew we were being spied on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

once upon a time at San Francisco State there was going to be a career fair and the military was invited to come. a couple of folks on one of the campus activist email lists started talking about this and what they should do. they never actually planned anything out, but apparently the administration was keeping tabs on the email list and wanting to avoid any kind of trouble told the military not to show up.

false alarms work.

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