Sunday, March 21, 2010


Survivors is a BBC television series currently airing on BBC America. It is about groups of survivors in England after a flu pandemic has wiped out 90%-99% of the Earth's human population. It is also completely amazing. It intelligently deals with survival in a post-civ world and people unprepared for the situation.

I think it brilliantly shows the myriad of ways in which people might react and/or try to build/rebuild in the world post-collapse. Critics of the show have said it is slow moving. Being aware of that beforehand, I haven't felt it too slow. I also really enjoy the flawed characters. The show being based in England allows more development than if it were based in the USA where I suspect most survivors would just start shooting each other. I highly recommend the show especially to anyone interested in post-collapse survivalism.


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I have the new and the original shows... We should get together and watch it

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