Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More on Brandon Darby: FBI snitch / agent provocateur

THIS is a must read!

Not only does Lisa Fithian give more insight into what we already know of Darby but she also gives guidelines how fuckers like Darby (whether agents of the state or not) can be sidelined.

The article also clearly shows, to me, that Darby was an agent of the state and provocateur well before the admitted date of 2007. As far back as 2002, Darby was clearly documenting comrades and shady shit was happening to anyone who came into contact with him.

"Brandon’s behavior was problematic long before 2008. Whether or not he was actually working for the state, he was doing their job for them by breeding discord within our politically active communities."

"Brandon would show up, all masked up, with a video camera and take a lot of footage. He has continued to do this over the years, including in Minneapolis. I don’t believe he has ever posted or published any of it."

Behaviors of Brandon’s or others that enabled this kind of damage to be done.
-Deferring or listening to men, as opposed to women and/or attacking women in leadership positions. Our patriarchal society has taught us this and we need to deconstruct it.
-Charisma and confidence enabled him to assume leadership and control -- people deferred even though he had little experience. He cultivated a handful of women and men to become personal assistants who did a lot of his work for him.
-Assuming credibility by his associations -- Brandon tried to associate himself with other high profile organizers in the activist community.
-Preying on and exploiting people’s vulnerabilities and insecurities, particularly using alcohol or other addictions. He liked to “play with people's minds."
-Bullying. All bullies abuse their power and people let them do what they want because they are afraid of what will happen if they do not go along. They use their physical prowess to intimidate both women and men.
-Disrupting group process in meetings, derailing agendas, questioning process, challenging others, or not coming to meetings at all to avoid accountability. Or using secrecy and sub-groups to divide the whole.
-Pointing fingers at and ‘snitch-jacketing’ other people, accusing them of being cops, FBI agents, etc. This kept everyone on guard, and created an environment of suspicion and distrust.
-Seducing people using power or sex, leaving a lot of pain and destabilized situations in his wake or provoking people to do acts they would not do on their own.
-Being persistent and pursuing people, by calling them repeatedly or showing up at their homes, inviting them for coffee, he would wear you down, or find other ways back into important relationships.
-Being an emotional/physical wreck, becoming very needy and seducing people into taking care of him. Then people would defend him because of his emotional vulnerabilities or physical needs.
-Time and energy suck. Talk endlessly, consuming hours of time and energy -- confusing, exhausting, and indoctrinating.
-Being helpful or useful -- showing up when you most needed support. Brandon would arrive with tools, money, or whatever was needed at just the right time.
-Documenting through videotaping or photographing actions but never using it or working on communications systems which he attempted at the RNC.

The article also provides examples of what can be done in the wake of social collapse.


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