Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hamid Gul

Al Jazeera posted an incredibly insightful and interesting interview with Hamid Gul.

Lieutenant-General Hamid Gul was a military commander in the Pakistani Army in the 1980s, and served as the head of the country's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency from 1987 to 1989.
He was eventually credited with defeating Soviet military and political forces during the Pakistan-Saudi-US effort to keep funds and logistical support flowing to the Afghanistan mujahidin.
Of course, those same actions now color him a terrorist in the eyes of the US government.

On Afghanistan:
They are sick of the influence of warlords and drug barons, and the continued American occupation...
The Americans are defeated...
In fact, more civilian casualties in military operations are going to weaken Karzai's position.
what US policy-makers are doing runs against the interests of the American people.

On "military contractors"/mercenaries:
The US is a heavily indebted nation so how are they going to afford this?.. The Americans can't take casualties, that is their problem. To compensate, they started employing security contractors, some 104,000 security contractors currently in Afghanistan.
What does this mean? Mercenaries to be used where troops cannot be deployed? We have already seen what mercenaries did in Iraq. The Americans are more and more inclined - because the US military cannot suffer casualties - to employ mercenaries, not just from the US but also from the local population.
This is a very dangerous trend if we are to believe that mercenaries can win wars and carry forward the political objectives of the country. This means that whoever has more money can employ more mercenaries, win wars, win territories, etc.

On Taliban:
I support their cause of Afghan resistance...
since the Taliban are representing the national spirit of resistance, I have given them my voice...
The Americans talk of freedom of speech, but apparently my speech hurts them because it counters their excesses...

I do not support terror at all, but jihad is our right when a nation is oppressed. According to the United Nations Charter, national resistance for liberation is a right. We call this a jihad.


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