Saturday, February 06, 2010

Economics Are Not Neutral

Last month, Iinked to Murdering The Dead which illustrates how capitalism is not neutral and, in fact, facilitates disasters.

On a similar note, BroadSnark does a good job at showing how violence, while attributed to anarchists and other enemies of the state, is an integral part of our society. Our society wages wars, destroys cities, kills, and starves in its name... as if it were not violent.

Likewise, capitalists and Americans love to point to socialist systems and attribute deaths under those systems to the economic system itself. While it may be, at times, a fair accusation, those same finger-pointers would never be able to attribute the deaths facilitated or caused by free market capitalism to the economic system itself.
Even if privatization Killed a Million People in Eastern Europe since the 1990s.


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