Saturday, December 19, 2009

Link Roundup

- Rage Against X-Factor. No one outside of the UK knows (or cares?) but there is a grassroots campaing to dislodge American Idol-esque pop from the Christmas charts with Rage Against The Machine. RATM explain and rock out:

-There's a war going on! Hipsters vs. Jews in Williamsburg. haha

-Avatar's Great White Hope... or When will White people stop making movies like Avatar?

-Maoists declare Kathmandu Autonomous Zone

- Marvel Comics announced a series written, drawn, lettered, colored, and edited by women. The line will not necessarily feature female characters or storylines targeted at women. Sounds cool to me! But why the fuck would Marvel then name the project something as stupid as "Girl Comics?!"

-Palestinian security agents who have been detaining and allegedly torturing supporters of Hamas have been working with the CIA!
"The [Central Intelligence] Agency consider them as their property, those two Palestinian services."
How are these lackey dogs being allowed to retain power??!


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