Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Striking Gold with Cold Cave

Never before has the transition from sXe HC kid to adult hipster been chronicled so well as with Wes Eisold. I believe this simply to have to due with technology and people's obsession with tracking others on the internet. (Face it, Mike Judge's fall from worhsipped idol wasn't available for all to witness so we continue to envision him Bringin' It Down with maybe a hint of Old Smoke. Likewise, technology wasn't present enough throughout Justin Pearson's musical journey for us to have caught on during Struggle and hold tight through The Locust and onto whatever insanely hip thing he is up to after Some Girls.)

It is pretty formulaic and I know dozens of people who have followed the same path.
Start out as a sXe HC kid. Move to being a non-sXe jaded HC kid. Branch out musically and indulge in drugs. Try to distance yourself from the musical constraints of HC but still keep that punk essence. Finally, attempt to completely divorce yourself from HC/punk and imitate your non-punk musical idols. Gold!

With all that said, Cold Cave has got some bangers and I have enjoed most of Eisold's projects (except XO Skeletons which I felt was some inside joke I wasn't high enough on angel dust to get).

How did he go from AN to a dead-on Ian Curtis imitation?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dig the music but that guy seems like a douche. I guess all of hipsters are d-bags.

Hope you like the hawthorne.

matt lucas

6:07 PM  

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