Friday, July 10, 2009

Edging closer to the Right

The Tax Day Tea Party protests seem to have vastly overstated their actual significance -- except as a harbinger of the slide towards right-wing populism.
Collaboration between the official Republican establishment and the Tea Parties has not lasted. No Fox News anchors will be attending future Tea Parties and the attendance and news value of the events looks to be lower than that of the April rallies. However, the "Patriots", "Oath Keepers", "Birthers", and other rightwing nutters are taking up the anti-tax mantle.

These Tea Parties have been a joke. A hoax to get the poor and working class to "protest" in support of the ultra-rich.
I do remember seeing an anti-Zionist sign at some Tea Party protest. Organizers and their GOP masters didn't know what to make of it or do about it. (The had less problem with the anti-Black racism and xenophobia I guess.)


I ask a question: Was joining/infiltration of these Tea Parties by the Left and/or Anarchists a lost opportunity? I ask partly as a theoretical critique of our inaction but I also ask as a material critique on what could or should be done.

I can assure you, anti-government sentiment is rampant. A lot of wild shit gets thrown out in these circles and is easily subscribed to by the participants (with little to no critical analysis). Why would our ideas make any less sense? Libertarian communalism/anarchy appeals to this constituency's interests maybe more than the pro business/anti-government shit.

Of course, this eventually leads to questions of giving up privilege and the revolutionary potential of White working class America.


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