Saturday, May 16, 2009

Burning Fight: More thoughts + More Photos

I am still clinging to the warm fuzzy feeling left from last weekend's Burning Fight California book release show(s). Reading the book is great.
I always felt like the younger kids and/or people not around in the 90's scene had a skewed vision of that decade. It seemed to be colored most by capitalism. "The winner gets to write history." It felt as though the scene that I experienced and loved was forgotten. It wasn't in the history books... Well, now it is! Having the era of HC that meant so much to me codified in a book actually seems to validates it. It validates me.
Thank you Burning Fight.

As promised, Matthew Miller has uploaded his MASSIVE collection of photos he took in California. Check them out! Quite impressive.
Thank you Matt!


Blogger Lizzi McCupcakes said...

2 questions.
Is johnny pettibone reeally fat?
and was sabattini thee?

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