Friday, January 23, 2009

No Help For Palestine

At least 1,300 Palestinians were killed, nearly a third of them children, and 5,500 injured in the Israeli attack of Gaza.

You know how organizations like to have televised fundraiers? Well, Disasters Emergency Committee appealed to the BBC to air a fundraising telethon for the poor people of Gaza. DEC said there was "clear evidence" the British public wanted to help.
The BBC refused.
Zionist bastards!

You can donate though.

Our new President, Obama, said he intends to "actively and aggressively seek a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians" but then also reiterated the US view that Israel had a right to defend itself from Palestinian rocket attacks (meaning, "Y'know those rockets that don't kill people or do much damage and are barely even "rockets"? Feel free to kill as many people as you like in response.")


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BBC is rethinking it after pressure applied:

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