Friday, January 23, 2009

Ben Edge On Music 11

Battalion Of Saints:
"The first Battalion album is incredible. If I needed to illustrate what hardcore is to someone who doesn't know, and I could only play him/her two songs, they would be "Revenge" by Black Flag and "Second Coming" by Battalion of Saints.
Battalion of Saints A.D. stands for "after death" because everyone in the original band died, with the exception of the singer. That Cuts album isn't good.
They were playing around a few years ago with two dudes from the band Heroin, and they were phenomenal."


Uniform Choice - 84 demo:

"I've been rocking that one since about 8th or 9th grade. A lot of people say they are a total Minor Threat rip off, but they are really just as much of a Stalag 13 rip off. I like UC more than Stalag 13 though."

Tesco Vee - "Dutch Hercules":
"Funny record, but the music is pretty bad. Tesco Vee has such a mastery of the English language, that he makes bigotry intellectually stimulating."

Impact Unit - "My Friend The Pit":
"Not very good. You know who the singer is, right? Dicky Barrett from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. That voice sold hundreds of thousands of records."

"I never got into them, but I have been told by Megadeth fans that the second album is the most favored. These same fans usually agree that Rust In Peace is the last good one."

"They invented "zeuhl" music. I'm not making this up. I had a friend who had an internet radio show, and he played almost exclusively zeuhl music. Someone e-mailed him complaining that his show wasn't 100% zeuhl. Such a trip."

"Beyond was the shit. Most original sounding '88 NYHC band.
I have the CD that Some Records put out about 10 years ago. It has the album and the demo on it. I guess another label was talking about re-releasing the discography, because the CD I have is out of print."


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