Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ben Edge On Music 9

Last night, I had the privilege to see Broken Needle play a great show at 924 Gilman St. Broken Needle in the Bay Area always means some quality time with Mr. Ben Edge.
(Big ups to Chelsea, John Isaacson, Carl, and anyone else who mentioned Dead Time Pacifies to me!)

Now on the a taste of Ben Edge's musical rants.

Hazen Street:
"You know why they didn't make it? 14 year old girls are scared of a lead singer in his mid 30s with a mustache who is fresh out of prison."

Madball- "Ball Of Destruction":
" It is the only Madball album I own, and hopefully the only Madball album I will ever own."

"The first show Todd Tyler drove me to was New Age Records night at the Showcase in '96, and he went to see Strain. The singer for Strain had this low, booming voice that actually hurt the inside of my right ear when he sang."

Reagan Youth:
"I love Reagan Youth. They were the heroes of New York hardcore, before the scene was high jacked by gay bashing right wing skinheads (some of which also happened to make very good music)."

Snapcase- "Steps":
"Probably the most dated sounding band of the 90s. But I'm not denying this record."

Ben Edge at Dead Time Pacifies Office


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