Saturday, December 06, 2008

Humans Are Animals VS. Animals Make Us Human

I was shown a video profiling Temple Grandin and promoting her book, Animals Make Us Human. A bleeding heart liberal proudly showed the video and declared that Temple Grandin is responsible for McDonald's killing their animals a little nicer.
While watching the video, I was struck by the totally biased and illogical speciesism cloaked in faux compassion. I was immediately reminded of Making A Killing by Bob Torres. His book does an excellent job at illustrating how these people that tout more "humane" ways in which to kill animals for human consumption have NO correlation to these animals liberation or well-being. These engineers ultimately only serve to make industries based on animal death more efficient and thus stronger and more profitable.
This makes all the more ludicrous that Temple Grandin, the engineer of non-human death techniques, was awarded PETA's "Visionary" award in 2004!


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