Sunday, October 03, 2010

In Defense of Rick Sanchez

Taken from The Minority Militant

First of all, when was it ever wrong to call someone a "bigot" (look up the dictionary meaning) and say they are out of touch with working class people? That may not have been the brightest thing Rick Sanchez said, nor was it the appropriate response, but can't he speak his mind and make an honest inference? Secondly, why does a man get fired because he courageously says that Jews like Jon Stewart, the same people that own the mainstream media, are not minorities?

Is it wrong to say that an upper middle class guy with roots like Jon Stewart doesn't understand the plight of working people? No, absolutely not. There was nothing that Sanchez said that warranted a firing from CNN. When someone says that Blacks dominate sports, or Asians own dry cleaners and nail salons, would that be a solid reason to reprimand him, no less take his job away?

We have guys like O'Reilly and Beck spewing all kinds of hate to uneducated tea baggers on the right, and the pseudo-liberal, Jewish-run mass media, with thin to limited skin, fires someone like Sanchez because he said something that was brutally honest. Sure the guy might not look like a Cuban because he's mostly of European/Spaniard ancestry, but he speaks for working class people who grew up in ghettos and run-down inner-city urban areas that come from blue collar roots.

I'm not a fan of Sanchez, and I know he's far from perfect. We all are in our own ways.

Are Jews minorities? Ummm....No. You can't have it both ways. You can't claim to be an oppressed minority then turn the other cheek and benefit from White Privilege. What happened in the past (pre-WWII/WWII) was one of mankind's worst atrocities and should never, without an inkling of a doubt, ever be repeated so long as civilization shall flourish. That card is played-out. This political correctness mantra has engulfed the over-sensitive, over-analytical, monkey-see-monkey-do, progressive media to the point where there is no healthy discourse. No wonder those on the right are tea bagging.

But when it comes to making fun of Asians on TV/media/film, you executives (yes, mostly Jews) turn a blind eye to it while nodding your shoulders trying to figure out the harm in it. This is hypocrisy at best, the same kind of free speech you consistently point to in the bill of rights when you need to make an argument on slanted cable TV "news." Not only is it intellectually dishonest, it's morally incomprehensible.

And you wonder why shit never gets done in Washington? It's because we have big distractions like these that take our attention away from Wall Street as they buy up the entire congress of these undemocratic states and rob us of our livelihood. Talk about a knee-jerk society, making HUGE, impulsive decisions based on tabloid news and unreliable 24/7 polls.


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