Saturday, August 28, 2010

Farewell From Monument To Masses

I remember when I very first learned of FMTM and where I was when I heard the first bits of sound. It was in a vehicle with Sergio Robledo-Maderazo in Emeryville. I was very curious but didn't quite get it. In time I got it.
FMTM became everything I think a band or art should be.
'The new noise' if you will. It was impossible to divorce FMTM from the politics and that wasn't done in some contrived RATM fashion. Sure there were the minimal vocals and samples (which I always wished were more audible if just for my own curiosity) but it was infused in the music.
Of course, FMTM to me wasn't just the music. It was also the comraderie and criticism of some right-on friends/comrades who have been a part of my life longer than most. There was a point, maybe in the middle of FMTM's life, that I feared losing the connection to you three due to some real life clash of loyalties. Instead of letting go, I held on. I am glad I did.
The thing that pisses me off about FMTM is how you never caught flight like you should have. We could pontificate about how the stars never aligned but we are too smart for that. Nothing happens by chance in this system. It is all by design and intent. I am not going to waste any more words on the mechanics of music within the capitalist system. Afterall, FMTM certainly does have a vibrant and dedicated following.
I am bummed that I can't attend the final FMTM show. I have to say, I was doubly sad upon learning that the original three would all be partaking. A proper finale.


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