Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost: Done

For years, one night a week has been dedicated to ABC's Lost. Many more hours have been dedicated to figuring it all out (until about half way through the series when I started actively trying to NOT figure it all out). Now it is done.
(minor spoilers below)

I could get upset at all the things that weren't explained or answered. I could get annoyed at the obvious fact that the show did NOT know where it was ultimately headed. I could also be pissed that it took the easy route of veering way off into supernatural religion instead of opting for a more explained (scientific) conclusion. But it was a good ride. Hell, it had to be a great ride to keep me this engaged for so long and in between so many long breaks.

The real reason why Lost's 2.5hr finale works for me is because it kept in the spirit of the entire series. Nothing was clear cut. It still left me scratching my head a bit. There was some closure and it didn't throw out years of character development (except for maybe the back-and-forth and easily forgivable Benjamin Linus). I wish we had more shows that so successfully meld genre/speculative fiction and serial drama.


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