Sunday, May 30, 2010

Israel Brutally Attacks Aid Ships

There really is little Israel can do that surprises me. Their systemic brutality is unmatched.

Israel attacked (and continues to attack) the Palestinian territory of Gaza.
Israel has blockaded Gaza making it a prison with almost no resources allowed in. Israel has inflicted malnourishment on Palestine at a level that will affect an entire generation. This collective punishment is illegal under international law and is unchecked genocide.

Recently, a flotilla of ships carrying aid set out for Gaza.
Israel attacked and stormed these ships in international waters. Up to 16 people have been killed, many more have been injured, and communications with the ships have been cut. Israel continues the assault on the aid ships even after they surrendered.

It really is shocking. Almost as shocking as how Israel's lifeline, the USA, allows this bloodthirsty genocidal aggression to go on and on and foot the bill.


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