Saturday, December 31, 2005


2005 is dead.
Let's kill 2006!

In the name of
-all the poor people of the Gulf Coast who are being forgotten
-Palestine whose situation is detereorating
-Iraq fighting to repel imperialist invaders
-Aghanistan struggling against US imperialism and its puppets
-ALF/ELF coming under heavier fire from the powers that be
-all people with illness or disease not being treated while Pharmaceuticals pursue Viagra
-immigrants to the US facing an increasingly hostile situation
-women fighting against the crusades of fundamentalism

Friday, December 30, 2005

shit's fucked up

Seattle's The Stranger wrote a column regarding the impact of FSU on hardcore.


Mei Melancon will play Psylocke in the X-Men 3 film.

Psylocke will be a member of Magneto's Brotherhood Of Mutants and fight against the X-Men.

Of course, this is interesting for a couple of reasons...
Psylocke WAS White (British) and an ally of the X-Men...until she was transformed into an Asian assassin by The Hand and fought against the X-Men for a VERY short time. She then regained her mind and rejoined the X-Men.
Melancon has worked with director Ratner previously on the 'shuck n jive' Rush Hour 2.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

T(I)NC vs AP: "In someone else's notebook"

Jason Pettigrew of Alternative Press Magazine sent an email to The (International) Noise Conspiracy in response to T(I)NC's criticism of the magazine at a fest in Cleveland.

The following is the complete text as made public by T(I)NC:

From: Jason Pettigrew >
Date: December 20, 2005 2:08:06 PM EST
To: >
Cc: "Aaron Burgess @ AP" >, Aaron >
Subject: International Boys Conspiracy


Happy holidays, hope you are well.

Please do me a favor and forward this to Dennis Lyxzn. Thank you.

Dennis Lyxzn :

I did not get to personally hear you address the evils of ALTERNATIVE PRESS (and our current cover stars My Chemical Romance) from the stage of the Grog Shop during your recent visit to Cleveland. I hope that you would come back to Cle soon to school me, but it doesnt look very promising. The fact that well over half of the audience left after the vastly superior Circa Survive played that night doesnt say much about (STI) NCs ability to engage an audience. And Im not sure if youve actually heard it, but Armed Love helps your cause like a union of sex workers campaigning for abstinence.

Regarding your attack on eyeliner bands on the cover of AP, the day you and your comrades can write a song as stirring as any of MyChems singles, you then might be able to foment that social revolution you like to preach about to dullard music journalists. I doubt that will ever happen via your appropriation of historic American rock forms from the late-60s and 70s. Hell, the vehicle that launched your career in the first place, Refused, was a distillation of ideas stolen from American underground bands as Nation Of Ulysses and Born Against. You wanna talk shallow? A walk through the ocean of your soul would be similar to being trapped in an hourglass.

Im sorry J. Bennett didnt like your album. Im sorry the thing was such a disappointment in the first place in the ears of many people who bought your previous releases. Im sorry Sara Almgren left you so you felt that need to put that mewling Lost Patrol dogshit out into the marketplace. On the other hand, everybody wins: Youve got Rick Rubin on speed dial; I have replacement jewel boxes when your assorted projects hit my desk; and Sara got to spend some time with a guy in a band whose music is actually conducive to mattress thrashing. (Im sure she had a lot of lost time to make up for.) If youre the sexiest man in Sweden, as voted by the readers of Braille Gazette or whatever, Saras got to be in the upper percentile of MENSA members.

Do all of us a favor and take a restwhether its under a communist moon or under the moving wheels of a tanker truck.


Jason Pettigrew


Just this week, I purchased an issue of AP.
I quickly realized I didn't care about 98% of the music covered.
Although I don't know T(I)NC's exact critique of the mag, I do know that the bands making up AP's bread and butter are merely 4th generation derivitives of somewhat interesting music made 5 years ago fused with STRONG pop sensabilities.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


This wonderful "blog" will be on hiatus as I travel to the SouthWest for turquoise and silver.

I suggest checking out the links to the right for news.

Use the comments option to let me know if anyone actually reads this (please).

Torture Taxi

The 14Dec issue of San Francisco Bay Guardian contained an AMAZING piece on the CIA's secret spy plane web's of lies and torture.

Labor setback

NYC transit workers went back to work with no new contract.

They had the power to practically shut the city down and only faced hostility.
Fuck every worker who did not support the strike!

There is a direct corralation between strong labor and all workers' benefits.

CHRISTmas war

If you get a kick outta seeing Right-Wing Christian fuckers freak out and become unable to function,
go here
Scroll down til you see this pic:

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

NY State = anti-worker

The State of New York is fining striking transit workers $1 million-a-day.
A state law bars public employees from going on strike.

At issue are health care, pensions, and wages.

A French co-worker of mine read that news and could not believe it.
He asked if it was illegal to go on strike in this country.

I told him it was also legal to fire striking workers.
He thought it so absurd, he didn't believe me.

Heroes of December

My heroes for this month are Koreans in Hong Kong protesting the WTO Conference.

They have upped the ante on street fighting and protests; giving them sharp teeth as well as capturing the theatrical/spectacular.

Over 900 Koreans have been arrested since 13Dec.

Please follow THIS LINK to read about their inspirational struggle! (scroll down to 'demonstrations')
Read about them stealing police shields, breaking police lines, a kowtow procession, and shaving their heads!

Victory in Bolivia!

Juan Evo Morales Ayma has declared victory in the Bolivian presidential election!
(It remains to be seen at this point if he has the actual majority needed, but it is likely.)

Morales is the indigenous leader of the Movement Toward Socialism Party (MAS).
He has promised to be The US's "worst nightmare."

His political career has already been attacked in the past by US agents.
The main target of Morales' has been the US Ambassador to Bolivia.

Morales supprts autonomy for campesinos, equal opportunity, and access to land.
He has plans to transform the country and possibly nationalize water, gas, and oil industries.

This victory could help build a South American anti-imperialist bloc (with Cuba & Venezuela) and break US hegemony in the region (as well as globally).
This is especially true at a time when the US must divert the muscle of its military elsewhere.

"The worst enemy of humanity is capitalism."
-Evo Morales

Sunday, December 18, 2005

"the rains came down on us"

People inside the government are saying Bush violated the lawspying in US citizens and he should be investigated.

Meanwhile, the PATRIOT ACT has been stalled. This stall could prompt the new media to investigate and garner support in opposition to it.
(For example: a Patriot Act provision that according to one interpretation, "makes holding an un-authorized sign" at an event "designated by the Secret Service as a 'national special security event' a felony punishable by a year imprisonment.")

Ariel Sharon had a minor stroke.
Too bad he didn't die!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Narnia and Christian Fascism

We all know that The Chronicles of Narnia serve as Christian allegories.
The current film adaptation of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is part of a conservative Christian agenda!
It is a joint production of Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media owned by Philip Anschutz.

Anschutz is a right-wing oil magnate, media mogul, and owner of the largest motion picture exhibitor in the world.
He is also part owner of LA Lakers, LA Kings, SJ Earthquakes, Staples Center, Union Pacific Corp, Forest Oil Corp, uranium mines, coal mines, cattle ranches, the Knight Ridder newspaper chain, and more than 335,000 acres of agricultural land.

Anschutz controls every aspect of the culture he produces and distributes. As he said, "So you need to control the type of writers you have, the type of directors you get, the type of actors you emply, and the type of editors that work on the final project."
I guess we know who is going to get those jobs!

He also demanded that biopic, Ray, tone down any focus on drug problems and sexual exploits.
With Ray doing so well, you can bet his right-wing flavor influenced other films (I am thinking Walk The Line).

The Anschutz Corporation and assorted members of the Anschutz family are major contributors to Christian fundamentalist and right-wing causes:

-nearly $700,000 to the GOP and its candidates (between 1995 and 2000)
-funding Colorado's anti-gay constitutional amendment
-campaigns against single parenting
-Morality in the Media

stuff you ought to know

Hundreds of protesters wielding bamboo sticks broke through police lines Saturday and tried to storm the convention center hosting WTO talks.

Morgan Spurlock, who made "Super Size Me", has optioned bestseller "The Republican War on Science" to direct as a docu project next year.
(I am waiting for the return of his TV series '30 Days'!)

Surprise! The Pentagon is spying on us.

Hamas won big in Palestinian elections.
Popular Front For Liberation Of Palestine also gained some ground.

FIFA knows that the rich are destroying football/soccer.

Watch reactionary fucks, Penn & Teller, destroy Christianity!

The East Bay Express covered some Bay Area animal liberation actions and the restraining orders associated with them.

(thanx Kurt)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

"The only verdict is vengeance"

new V For Vendetta trailer

This trailer seems to comment directly on current events; even invoking (and questioning) the label of terrorist.

(link fixed)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rod Coronado: guilty

Rod Coronado & Matt Crozier were found guilty in federal court of:

-Felony conspiracy to interfere with or injure a government official (max 7 years)

-Misdemeanor interference with or injury to a forest officer (max 6 months)

-Misdemeanor “depredation” (theft or destruction or the attempt to do so) of government property (max 1 year).

The charges relate to an Earth First! campaign to prevent mountain lions from being captured or killed by hunters in Tucson, Arizona in March 2004.

The prosecution alleged that using the media as part of a campaign now constitutes “conspiracy and intimidation.”

(thanx Frank)

"no meaning past the setting of the sun"

Arrests in the FBI raids on people suspected of ALF/ELF activity

-Daniel McGowan
-Sarah Harvey
-Chelsea Gerlach
-Kevin Tubbs
-Darren Thurston
-William Rodgers
-Stanislas Gregory Meyerhoff

(thanx Ann)

WTO : fuck shit up!

important issues of the day

Australian for Nazi

"yeah brah, let me at them Arabs!"

Monday, December 12, 2005

Torture Administration

Ahmadinejad: anti-Zionist

Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, expressed some solutions to the Zionist problem in Palestine:

"If the Europeans are honest [regarding Nazi atrocities against Jews] they should give some of their provinces in Europe -- like in Germany, Austria or other countries -- to the Zionists and the Zionists can establish their state in Europe. You offer part of Europe and we will support it."

"The question is, where do those who rule in Palestine as occupiers come from? Where were they born? Where did their fathers live? They have no roots in Palestine but they have taken the fate of Palestine in their hands.

"Isn't the right to national self-determination one of the principles of the United Nations charter? Why do they deprive Palestinians of this right?"

Iran has proposed that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict be resolved via a referendum of all the inhabitants of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank as well as Palestinian refugees in neighboring countries.
(Not too unlike the voting system the USA has devised for Iraq.)

World Cup Terrace Trouble

The British police will prevent 3,500 footballl supporterss from travelling to Germany for next year's World Cup finals.

They will have their passports confiscated in Britain.
The supporters will also have to report regularly to police stations to ensure they are not trying to travel to Germany without their passports.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Steven Soderbergh will direct "Guerrilla", a biopic about Ernesto "Che" Guevara!
Benjamin Bratt is set to play Che.

I cannot stand Soderbergh.
I found his film, Traffic, to be a racist portrayal of Mexican 'otherness'.
Although I have yet to see Syriana, I read that the film is a meandering Liberalist take on oil and a simplistic portrayal of Islamism.

Any capitalist film about the revolutionary life of Che will do the man and his struggle a disservice!

worth knowing

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Memoirs Of A Geisha

White dude writes a book that purports to tell a story based on a real life geisha.
The real life geisha in the story says he lied and made geisha seem like prostitues.

(check this out!)
Hollywood makes a movie of the book.
The primary actors in the film are Chinese and speak with Chinese accents.
True geisha upset with Hollywood.

Casual ban

Some pubs in England have started banning brands popular with Casuals such as Burberry, Aquascutum, Stone Island, & Henri Lloyd.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Anti-Racist Action

3 members of Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action were arrested on 4Dec at a peaceful demonstration in support of Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender rights and reproductive freedom in. One of the arrested was badly beaten by police and had to be hospitalized. The remaining two arrestees were charged with violating a provision of the USA PATRIOT Act pertaining to supplying identification to law enforcement personnel and later released.

The demonstration took place outside the home of two organizers with the notorious queer-bashing and anti-reproductive freedom organization, Repent America, whose members regularly harass and intimidate members of the L/G/B/T community and disrupt events such as AIDS fundraisers and pride festivals. Repent America has known links to the White Rose Society, who advocate for and support the bombing of abortion clinics.

By using the USA PATRIOT Act against such activists, law enforcement personnel are attempting to equate peaceful protest, and even dissent itself, with terrorism.

more support info
support email contact

untouchable sound

In February 2006, Sea Note Records will release a live album from the all-important Make-Up.
Recorded in 2000, it features an extended Make-Up line-up.

Drag City is also set to publish Ian Svenonius' book, The Psychic Soviet.
The book "will be presented in pocket size for the student's easy reference in the event of any ethical and/or aesthetic quandaries," dealing with a common thread of struggle against ideological systems via art and artistic expression.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

FSU dude killed in AZ

A fight broke out at a Donnybrook / Hoods show in Tuscon, AZ.
Reportedly, 40 people were involved as were hammers... and a gun.


Bill O'Reilly's CHRISTmas war

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Professor beating

"great sacrifice will be required"

X-Men 3 (X3) teaser trailer is up.

We finally get a look at all the chracters.

I do not have high hopes for this film given the director (as well as the difficulty it had finding a director at all).

I am not completely sold on the way Kelsey Grammer looks as Beast. Beast's X-costume is ridiculous! Pants & a vest?!

Storm still looks lame.
Juggernaut was cast well, but his costume doesn't make sense to me.

I really liked Callisto in the books and I understand updating her look, but I am not sold on that either.
Does her appearance mean those mutant rebels are the Morlocks?
The one shot of Jean Grey walking with Magneto seems to be Dark Phoenix. If she is, what a fuckin' let down!
I am happy to see Colossus & Kitty Pryde.
Angel also looks cool.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

California Love

It's about time a band made a video like Animosity's new one!

preview link
preview link

they hate our freedom


Israel in Iraq!

Private Israeli security firms are training Kurds in weapons and "counter-terror warfare."

Kurds making their own deals!

The Kurdistan Democratic Party, in control of a portion of a Kurdish enclave in Northern Iraq, signed a deal with a Norwegian oil company.

Kurds make up 15-20 percent of Iraq's population.
Kurds enjoy the support of USA & Israel.
They control the Iraqi presidency as well as laying claim to extra-constitutional powers.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

"we are the cure"

The X-Men 3 (X3) trailer will debut on on Monday (5Dec).

It will feature Angel unfolding his wings and show the furry blue Beast.

Also, it confirms the Dark Phoenix story as a plotline.
The Danger Room is also shown.